International Talent Support was launched in 2002 and during its fifteen-year history developed into the most recognised platform to showcase & support the strongest young talents on the planet. Most importantly, it created an ever growing network that supports creativity. In fifteen years it has built an impressive CREATIVE ARCHIVE, a unique collection tracing the history of fashion evolution. Many of the over 550 finalists selected up to now occupy key positions in the most important fashion brands or have established themselves with their own lines.

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Barbara Franchin is the founder and soul of ITS - International Talent Support.
She was born and raised in Trieste, a town with a privileged point of view due to its peripheral and eccentric position: unlike the established capitals of design, it allows an ideal perspective for a pure and unfiltered view, free from conservative visions of the world.
In 2001 she launches EVE, a one-of-a-kind agency with a key strength: an eclectic, dedicated and passionate team.
The following year she launches the first edition of ITS, a creative platform based on a deep and widespread research of talent offering support, visibility and opportunities for young designers coming from all over the world. Selected through a long and rigorous process, they are then hosted in Trieste for a grand final event which sees the presence of over 400 guests: journalists, trendsetters, opinion leaders and major representatives of the fashion system.
Her love and will to preserve, catalogue and bring completion to this research journey led to the creation of the ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE, a unique collection which traces the history of contemporary fashion evolution, endlessly and fluidly evolving. The ITS Creative Archive holds 16,000 projects from over 80 countries, 220 outfits, 180 accessory and jewelry pieces and over 700 digital photography projects.

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EVE is the agency responsible for ITS, among other projects. It works on a worldwide level, it is creativity-oriented, designs, creates and develops all concepts and projects blending creativity, professionalism, passion and emotion. Its activities include: concept design and art direction, event planning and production, graphic design, audio visuals, photo shooting, website design, talent contests, design and handling of collections and archives, recruitment and selection of human resources.

Barbara Franchin
ITS Founder & Director
Sergio Drioli
Vice Director, Strategies & Production
Michele de Facchinetti
Art Director, Strategies & Production
Silvia Pallaver
Coordinator for Director & Studio
Michele Colucci
Director's Assistant
Fabrizio Bressan
Administration Office
Irina Ranalli
Schools & Contestants Office
Alessandro Offer
Press Office
Giovanni Papalexis
Hospitality Office
Giulio Dambrosi
Multimedia Office
Martino Pilot
Multimedia Office

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