Application for ITS 2017 will not open. The Contest and the Event will not take place in 2017.
ITS 2016 marked 15 Years of International Talent Support and time has arrived to make a balance and look at the future, aware of our long and successful history in the world of talent.

ITS started out in 2002 to support young creativity with the ITS FASHION contest, evolving to include several other contest fields throughout the years. In 2005 the photography contest ITS PHOTO comes to life. ITS ACCESSORIES is launched the following year in response to the market’s need for talented accessories designers. The first contemporary jewelry contest ITS JEWELRY is in 2011. ITS 2014 sees the birth of ITS ARTWORK, dedicated to the development of purely artistic concepts, while at ITS 2015 we presented the Samsung Galaxy Award. The ITS Made in FVG project at ITS 2016 highlighted the excellence of the manufacturing capabilities of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy.

Below you can find brief summaries of each ITS edition.