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Acting as a Seismograph we record the Creative Waves and trace the history of fashion evolution through the ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE, diving deep to understand what happens in the minds of creativity’s future generations. Our partners were accomplices in this cultural journey.

15 Years of International Talent Support. ITS 2016 was a very special edition, gathering the new ITS generation of creativity in Trieste on 16 July. We hunted down the strongest young talents on the planet, firmly believed in their work and provided them with support and a space to showcase their creativity. The number of ITS finalists working for brands in key design positions proves the value of our research.

15 Years of International Talent Support: 1,500 schools in over 80 countries, 15,000 applications from 80 nations, 520 finalists from 56 countries, 1,400 journalists from 36 nations

The ITS feedpage is developed in collaboration with our internet partner Develon and gathers all ITS-related content posted on a variety of social networks. All posts on instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus and flickr including the hashtag #itscontest are collected here.

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