CREATIVE ARCHIVE: a protected reserve for talents

Harold Koda - Curator-in-Charge of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum, New York
When you come up to the ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE you realise that this is a kind of condensation of the very best work of the new generation of designers

Hilary Alexander - Former Fashion Director, The Daily Telegraph
The ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE in Trieste is a history of fashion evolution

Sara Maino - Senior Editor Vogue Italia /
A unique space, full of emotions and of will to do as much as possible for the talents of the future!

ITS has supported young talents all over the world for over thirteen years now, collecting throughout this period of time an impressive amount of remarkable material. Over 12 tons of portfolios were collected in 13 editions. Some are actual pieces of art, with very elaborate, handicrafted covers. Each one of them describes the struggle to translate thoughts and emotions into something tangible and we regard them with enormous respect since it's like stepping into someone's dreams. Portfolios include images, photos or anything (a poem, a story, a book...) that inspired the concept, samples of fabrics and materials, sketches and finally, the technical drawings where all of these bits and pieces begin to come together and take an actual shape...More than 13,000 portfolios coming from over 80 countries are definitely a treasure from our point of view.

We also collect the outfits, the accessories and the jewelry pieces as well as the prints of the photography projects. They represent the next step in the creative process and they exist to re-enforce and give a purpose to creativity and talent. To date our collection boasts 13,000 projects, 194 outfits, 138 accessories and jewelry pieces and more than 700 photos. This number increases every year since with every new edition the finalists are required to leave us a sample of their creativity.

With the opening of the Jewelry section, we have increased the collection in this particular field, thanks to a dedicated competition. Sum it all together and what you get is an amazing resource, a unique CREATIVE ARCHIVE which can be used as a source of inspiration for new creative processes. Our archive is alive, growing to embrace increasingly forms of art. We want to help set creativity in motion, we want to develop a continuous pattern, connecting what has been created to what will be created. Endlessly.

All our treasures are neatly stored in a proper "attic of memories", on the top floor of our building. As if Alice had crawled through the looking glass into a Victorian museum storage room, this is a place where time seems to stand still, where refurbished antiques and curiosities are strewn around in wonderfully chaotic order. We must thank our beloved finalists for creating such a magical place. Giving us a piece of their work must feel like giving away a piece of their heart. But they know it's worth it, since we will endlessly protect their work from oblivion by beautifully showcasing it to the right people, giving their work the artistic dignity and visibility it deserves. The ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE will travel around the world to be shown in important exhibitions and renowned galleries and museums...we want it to be viewed by as many people as possible!

We would like to truly thank each finalist for their contribution to the CREATIVE ARCHIVE.
If you are interested in high-res images, please check our photo gallery.
If instead you are interested in organising an exhibition with pieces from our archive, please contact us at the following email address:

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