My collection is about shape research...

10 March 2004

Eric Jan Frenken won best womenswear collection at ITS#ONE, after graduating at the Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Den Haag in the Netherlands. Driven by hunger of knowledge he decided to go for a MA at Central Saint Martins; here is his very personal report, after the CSM MA fashion graduates Show, the 25th of February

'This year here in London has been the most intense year of my life so far.
After my BA I had a lot of interest from the press and I won ITS#ONE best Womenswear collection: my year was perfect and so was my career until that moment.
But I wanted something more..

When I went to Saint Martins it was really tough, the first 3 month I did not know what was happening. The pressure was incredible. They basically broke me down and rebuilded me up.
I'm much stronger than a year ago now. It is unbelievable how much I have learned here in London. The MA course is really, really intense and rules
your life, day and night and I reckon this is how it should be if you want a chance in the fashion industry.

Last week I had my graduation show. It was part of London Fashion Week.
I experienced it as an anti-climax, I was not happy at all. There were no
parties or anything afterwards to have some feedback.
Now I'm getting lots of positive feedback and various magazines want to shoot
my collection.
My depression is gone...ha ha ha

My collection is about shape research...playing on the stand and looking for
new shapes and volumes.
At the same time the Twenties are an important part of my collection,
proportions, fabrics and mood.'

We are all waiting to see what will now happen to Eric. We are already proud of him, but we know he will still play a role in fashion design!!

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