My name is Toni

17 March 2004

Monique van Heist was a finalist at ITS#TWO. Beside being a key member of the ITS family, she belongs to the Generation Five of the FIA, so she is the one who helped rocking he Museè Galliera (and actually helped us writing the article about it.. we deeply thank her for that).

Her MA graduation collection that she showcased in Paris is called 'ruudige frau/a male kind of feminine/sexy/messy'... here are concept and images:

'my name is Toni.
I have a big black men's bike, an old one, with a blue plastic basket in front of my handle bar, to put in all my stuff while cycling through the city. Lately i put on red nail polish, it makes me feel sexy. My pants are usually too big, I try never t wear a bra and often make a mess of my outfit. I like wearing big men's clothes sometimes, I guess I do this because I am curious of how it would be like to be a man. The hilarious thing about this is that it makes me feel more feminine.

When I go to a party, I never seem to have the right outfit for the occasion and end up wearing something mixed together last minute: If the cleavage is deep enough and I feel comfortable it's a success, of course sometimes it doesn't work out so well, but then I drink few beers and end up having fun anyway. I have the best time when I laugh a lot and can fool around with others. My favourite outfit is the one I can wear to go to the supermarket, just out of bed, to a party and while camping at the beach. I like when things are multifunctional. I used to be a bike messenger, I was champion of my tennis club when I was younger, when I drink too much alcohol I become very noisy, I would like to have a white dog with a black spot around one eye and when I will be rich I want a housekeeper and a big BMW.

But most of all, I love my job: I am a fashion designer'

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