The T in patent, top in jeans, couturefabric-jeans, and sweaterfabric dress

21 October 2004

Joline Jolink represented Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten in Arnhem, the Netherlands as a finalist in ITS#TWO. After having graduated, she continued on to FIA- Fashion Institute Arnhem to persue her masters in Fashion Design. As she is preparing to show her collection in Paris in January 2005, in the meanwhile she has shared with us some of her work from the summer of 2004.

The designs are part of a mini-collection of four looks, out of a complete collection of around 30 outfits in drawing, inspired by the White T-Shirt and Jeans.

This is seen in their simplicity, in shape as well as in fabric.

The style is evident in contrasting volumes and mixture of materials: the T in patent, top in jeans, couturefabric-jeans, and sweaterfabric dress.

These outfits are somewhat of world travellers?these looks were part of a project that took the FIA group all the way to New York, to experience a clash of cultures, bringing their Dutch Designs to NY to have them photographed in a NY setting by a NY photographer.

B/W photos- Sebastian Bateman (Model Inez at Ulla Models Amsterdam)

New York photo by Liz Wendelbo

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