d'AHrling by Gitte Amalie Hempel

23 February 2005

I am not here to change the world, my mission is just to bring you the fashion design that I think is missing...I design what I like and wish to
wear...- hope you'll feel the same way!

Gitte Amalie Hempel started off at Design School Kolding in 1998, graduated with a masters degree in 2002, found herself as a ITS#TWO finalist in 2003 and 1st of April 2004 gave birth to her own label, d'AHrling.

d'AHrling is my passion, I can't help it!

d'AHrling... is all the best for everybody who dares, and can't help it! We are here to seduce you!

d'AHrling is feminine, funky & flirtatious fashion with an eye for details...- and lots of them!
d'AHrling is eye-catching, in it's own personal way... and often with a touch of sparkle and shine (Because as we all know, that's always nice, and a lot of it is even nicer!!! ).
d'AHrling is something fun and positive...( - who wouldn't like to be one ???)

My inspiration comes from everywhere From all the funky people around me everyday, from magazines, movies, VH1, old historic books, the internet and from second hand shops and markets (- that's the best...- all the finest details and ideas are found here).

Materials are various, but always contrasted in the mix, because that's where the action happens.

d'AHrling website

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