April 29, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, following this year's concept we'd like to call them "scientists of creativity": we are proud to announce the selected fashion, accessories and jewelry finalists!! They have been selected by the respective juries and it took three days of hard work to view all of the projects arrived and to reach a unanimous decision on the 2013 generation of talents that join the ITS Family and that will come to Trieste on 12-13 July to showcase their tremendous abilities. Before you go through the 3 lists, here is a message written by Barbara herself about this year’s Selection:

Message from Barbara:

Here we are for another important step...

In these years I had the honour and the commitment to view over 11,000 portfolios coming from all over the world. Our list begins with ARGENTINA and ends with ZIMBABWE and it is such a privilege to try to understand what happens in the world of creativity and see you grow year after year. The moments spent diving into your ideas and dreams have been the most exciting of my never stop exciting and surprising me. Most importantly you continue to provide me with the energy I need to carry on this difficult mission of organising yet another edition of International Talent Support.

ITS2013 finalists

It is always so hard to reach a final list and a different jury – to be precise three different juries – would have most probably reached another verdict. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me your material. Even though only a handful will come to Trieste for the finals in July, you are now part of our Creative Archive forever. Or for as long as we exist. And we will try to do our best to support not just the finalists, but everybody. Deciding the finalists was such a struggle for me. I hate it because I always have to renounce to a number of you and some of my favourites inevitably slip out of the selections...It’s like loosing a limb, as well as loosing the opportunity of supporting you more. I can only say, I do all that is in my power to help as many of you as I can.

ITS2013 finalists

I dream, therefore I am



Takahiro Ueno (Japanese)
Milko Boyarov (Bulgarian)
Marie Cabirou (French)
Shimrit Zagorsky (Israeli)
Rayya Valerie Morcos (Lebanese)
Sarah Ysabel Dyne Narici (Italian)
Marilena Siamptani (Cypriot)
Lili Colley (British)
Yun Chin Hsu (Taiwanese)
Anabela Chan (British)

ITS2013 finalists


Vaibhav Singh (Indian)
Percy Lau (Chinese)
Cat Potter (British)
Melissanthi Spei (Greek)
Annelie Gross (German)
Leonard Kahlcke (German)
Liz Ciokajlo (American)
Youngwon Kim (South Korean)
Doyun Kim (South Korean)
Aku-Petteri Bäckström (Finnish)


Takahiro Ueno (Japanese)
Nelly Hoffmann (French)
Polina Yakobson (Irish)
Keren Yaar (Israeli)
Momoko Okusa (Japanese)
Tomohiro Sato (Japanese)
Xiao Li (Chinese)
Han Chul Lee (South Korean)
Felix Chabluk Smith (British)
Paula Cheng (American)

Following are the comments of the selections jurors attending:


This year's project and briefing, based on studies from Swarovski's Trend Research Center, reflects the mind-set and creative world of young designers. The inspiring world of tec-nature is transferred by the designers into amazing material and sculptural concepts. We are impressed by the high standard, intellectual approach, creativity, innovation and quality from these young talents. The numerous entries from international applicants convince us, once again, of the importance of the ITS Jewelry competition.
UTE SCHUMACHER - Vice President Trend and Design Center Wattens


As a general trend I noticed crafty work, natural elements used as materials and skillful details. I think the level of the work was remarkably high enough, I couldn't be more proud of this year's edition. I am looking forward to seeing the actual pieces in July.
KEI KAGAMI - Fashion Designer and YKK Consultant

Students begin to develop a strong sensibility to the ecological problem. Working with everyday materials they push themselves through poetry, reaching a new spirituality.
ISABELLA ZEGRINI - Christian Dior Haute Couture Accessories

Conscience. Awareness. Soul. Courage. Dedication. Art. Innovation. I like to think that an accessory design is a physical declination of our own self. Here and now. Just as kids do, talents preserve this pureness, that leads them to filter our present time without pre-established patterns, throwing it back out in brand new shapes.
FABIO MESSANA - Vogue Accessori / Gioiello

International projects rich in content and often impeccably realised, especially in regards to women and men's footwear. Unfortunately not that many leather goods products...where have the young talents in this field gone?
VALENTINA MAGGI - Director of Design Practice at Floriane de St Pierre

A strong yet secret world, rich and fragile, coloured and explosive, where fears and hopes whirl around. We "scholars" and "experts" were amazed by what the young designers threw under our magnifying glasses for ITS 2013. I feel gratitude for the emotions they gave me.
SABINE BOURGEAU - YKK Product Innovation Team (jury guest)

ITS2013 finalists

I really appreciate all the efforts, the passion and the research that all applicants have lavished in the competition. A special thanks goes to the designers who had already applied in the past editions and continue to believe in the concept of this project.
FABIO TALPO - YKK Product Innovation Team (jury guest)

The accessory turns into an extension of one's own perceptive abilities and sometimes into an instrument to "feel", "see" and "understand" reality in a different way. It opens mind and body to different perceptions. Accessories as prosthetics, eyewear that alters our usual vision, shoes that become one with our feet...these projects seem to want to help our body to push itself beyond its limits, opening in front of us a new reality and new future visions
ISABELLA TADDEO - Designer YKK Product Innovation Team (jury guest)


It is always an honour for me to view the projects of these young talents coming from all over the world. I found the uncontaminated creativity of the Japanese schools particularly interesting and I noticed a relevant influence of pop culture and sports in the use of colours and materials. Thanks ITS!
VLADIMIRO BALDIN - Diesel Creative Center Coordinator

Always so special to be part of the ITS Jury, a unique chance to see all at once so much talent from all over the world. The quality of the portfolios is always very high and interesting, choosing is always so difficult....judging is difficult, always. I do find the quality of the Coconogacco School in Tokyo exceptional and always beyond creativity
SARA MAINO - Senior Editor Vogue Italia /

I would like to thank the whole ITS team, their research gets more and more focused confirming the value of the project. I have noticed a change, this time there were more womenswear projects than in the last seasons. And I have also discovered a number of new schools from other countries. Congratulations again, ITS!
DEANNA FERRETTI - Maglificio Miss Deanna, Modateca

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