Special announcement: ITS is evolving

ITS has always been a number of successful elements.
Its world famous international Contest will not take place in 2017.
ITS will focus on the Creative Archive, the network and new projects.

ITS2016 Barbara with all finalists.jpg

In 15 years of activities we have witnessed a powerful germination of talents testifying the impact of our research and support. It is time to make a balance of what ITS is and have a look at the future.

Global Scouting
Since 2002 we have been hunting for the most interesting young talents of the planet, believing in their work and providing them support and a space to showcase their vision. Seeds of pure creativity that have been sowed and nurtured, giving them time to grow and to get stronger.

Community of young talents and Network of fashion insiders
In 15 years we have selected over 550 finalists coming from 1.500 schools from 80 countries, most of which are now holding key positions in the fashion business. Demna Gvasalia, Aitor Throup, Peter Pilotto are just a very few examples of the ITS family that speak for all.
A large spectrum of trend leaders from the art, fashion and design world and 1.600 journalists from 37 nations are part of the network. Over 3.000 articles and 70 TV channels talked about the project.

Contest and Event
Every year during a 3 days Event 40 finalists from 4 different Contests are showcased in front of 4 juries, 80 lifestyle and fashion journalists and hundreds of guests.

The Creative Archive and the Seismographer
Since 2002 we have been tracing the history of fashion evolution.
The Creative Archive is a unique collection of 16.000 portfolios, 130.000 original graphics, over 220 outfits, 120 accessories, 80 jewelry pieces and more than 700 photography projects.
The Seismographer records creative waves coming from thousands of projects, ideas, concepts and images hitting ITS every year. We have collected data, spotted and unveiled the convergence phenomenon without aiming at explaining but just telling how the surrounding environment deeply influences the creativity of the young designers.

Our plans for the future are to keep nourishing and expanding all these elements, apart from the 2017 Contest and Event. Despite having fought and worked very hard to organise the 16th edition, the fundraising has been less successful than in the past years. The resources we collected are not enough to deliver it with the same level of quality we have achieved in the past 15 years. It has always been a difficult task. During this period, we collected 16 million Euro, 80% of which from private companies. Everyone who works with events and cultural activities knows how unusual this is.

"For me it is of course a very hard decision, but I am going through this difficult moment thanks to the support and the professionalism of my team. We have built the success of the ITS platform around the Contests and the Event, but they represent just the tip of the iceberg. We want to put all our efforts to explore what lies under the surface and make it visible for everyone. It is virgin land and we are very curious to discover what this new cycle will bring" says Barbara Franchin, ITS Founder and Director.

Below you can find links to our video and photo gallery, a history of ITS in numbers, a selection of some of the most important coverage we received and complete press reviews from the last four editions.

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