YKK Award

Each application for the accessories competition must also include, so as to be eligible for the YKK award, a design made by the applicant which makes use of a fastening product supplied by any member of the YKK Group of Companies. YKK encourages the use of its Excella®, Excella® Blade, Excella® Curve, Vislon® Flat and FlexFix®, Plancer®, sewing buttons from Snaps & Buttons range, products. The YKK Award winner will receive a cash prize of €10,000. YKK may make use of the winning item in promotional advertising. All prizes will be delivered directly by YKK EUROPE LIMITED.

YKK Logo
YKK® Promotional Posters

Click on the thumbnails and have a look at the promotional posters developed by YKK from ITS#FIVE to ITS#TEN to promote the out-of-the-ordinary use of fastenings by the winners of the YKK Award.

And click on the thumbnails below to view the winning YKK projects developed for ITS 2012 and ITS 2013.

ITS 2013 Accessories Finalist Percy Lau

ITS 2012 Accessories Finalist Benjamin John Hall
ITS#SIX Accessories Finalist Anna Sheldon

Video developed by ITS#SIX Accessories Finalist Anna Sheldon

ITS#SEVEN Accessories Finalist Tomasz Donocik

Take a look at the slider developed by ITS#SEVEN Accessories Finalist Tomasz Donocik

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