ITS 15th anniversary of ITS 2002-2016

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Barbara Franchin with all finalists at ITS 2016 - Download HD version

15 years of research, of passion and determination. Above all, 15 years of Utopia, which guided us in the creation of a unique Seismographer recording creative waves worldwide. ITS is and has always been Utopia. Culture, not just as knowledge, but as understanding. As in comprehending, which also means “to include the other”.
Comprehension which therefore means empathy and in its own way love, communion, community. It is culture as opposed to ignorance, because what is evil, if not the ignorance of good? And indeed ITS is mainly a community. A family whose Utopic ideas are those of democracy, of sharing, of pure respect.
From our privileged observation point in Trieste - off-centered and peripheral, allowing for an unfiltered, pure and free vision - we have collected data, spotted and unveiled creative phenomena. Without wanting to explain them, just showing how the surrounding environment deeply influences the inspiration of young talents anticipating trends, as if in a form of precognition.
Every year for the last 15 years we have examined portfolios from roughly 1,000 schools in eighty countries spread over the 5 continents. They contain the ideas and dreams of some of the world’s most promising designers, to whom we have guaranteed support, visibility and opportunities to continue their path. They have grown become key figures at some of the world’s leading brands. A constant germination process that has bore its fruits: Demna Gvasalia – Artistic Director of Balenciaga, Katy Reiss – Art Director & Senior Stylist for Lanvin, Courtney McWilliams – Design Director at Givenchy... I could go on for hours...
Nevertheless, before assessing talents, one needs to find them, carrying out two complex and challenging activities: looking for them and, most of all, recognizing them. Research is one of our key values.

Thanks to all of you.

Thanks to the 16,000 creative souls who applied allowing us the privilege to step into their dreams.

Thanks to the ITS team for enduring 15 years of hard work together, I always wanted to be able to give you back more.

Thanks to Trieste that gave us a home, embraced us and protected us throughout all this adventure.

Barbara Franchin
ITS Founder & Director

ITS 15th anniversary video


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Every year after the finalists’ selection, ITS produces THE SEISMOGRAPHER, a Trends Report investigating the over 1,000 projects we receive in search of common trends. It represents an exclusive observatory to see where young creativity is headed, examining a huge variety of projects coming from different schools, countries and cultures.


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