ITS 2020 – International Talent Support: fashion, jewelry and accessories competition based in Italy


International Talent Support. Creativity belongs here, in the home to young talents from the world over. Where a new generation of designers will gather on 23 October 2020 in Trieste, Italy. We hunt down the strongest young designers on the planet, firmly believe in their work and provide them with support and a space to showcase their creativity. The number of ITS finalists leading today's industry proves the value of our research.


The ITS Creative Archive sstores and documents the history of fashion evolution. It is unique as it includes and showcases work of now internationally renowned designers at the very start of their career. Our trends report - The Seismographer - picks up and analyzes any wave of creativity coming from the over 18,000 talents who applied.

ITS Arcademy is on the build.
Here is our diary.

We believe in the caretaking of creativity and in circular learning. ITS Arcademy will be sustainable, generous and inclusive. This is why we want you to witness the exciting journey that will lead us to the opening. We have created an entirely new digital platform to share with you our day-to-day work, notes, plans, ideas and the memories of our past that represent building blocks of our future. The ITS Arcademy Diary is an actual notebook, full of scribbles and side notes by ITS Founder & Director Barbara Franchin.



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