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The ITS Arcademy blossoms from the international experience of Barbara Franchin and her team. Through their passionate research in these last 19 years they have attracted to Trieste, Italy, the strongest emerging talents in the fields of fashion, accessories, jewellery design and artwork. By building and fueling the ITS Creative Archive - a unique archive of international relevance - ITS laid the foundations that will allow the opening, in July 2021, of a global training ground for creativity. A space for research & education, open not only to professionals, but to all curious experimenters of all ages and life paths.

The ITS Arcademy will combine the museum concept with the academic one. The exhibit area will include the ITS Creative Archive and temporary exhibitions, offering a space for dialogue between the world of fashion and those of the arts, cinema and design. The educational part will be aimed at two different kinds of public: a popular one, with courses and workshops aimed at elementary, middle and high school students from all over Italy, visitors and the local community; and a professional one dedicated to insiders, where former ITS competitors will be able to return to Trieste as teachers, and where companies will be able to organize workshops, seminars and special projects.

ITS Arcademy is among the winners of the public competition announced by Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia devoted to Cultural and Creative Spaces, a joint initiative carried out by the regional government offices of Culture, Training and Productive Activities. The European policies regarding the 2021-2027 programming consider culture and creativity as tools of social cohesion and integrated urban development. In synergy with such goals the competition supports initiatives aimed at enhancing the value of the cultural heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia, at promoting economic development and innovation, at creating suitable settings for new methods of permanent learning within formal and informal settings.

ITS moments
ITS moments

" We are now expanding the ITS seismographic nature: the talents we originally brought to Trieste will be returning as accomplished professionals to share the depths of their souls in a land that has always been, historically, a place for dialogue and exchange. New talents, new professionals will be allowed to blossom, nurturing the sensibility and receptiveness of this territory. The ITS Arcademy will open in 2021 and it will be for everyone, from the 5 to the 100-year old curious and creative human being. "

Barbara Franchin
Founder & Director ITS

" The Fondazione CRTrieste supports the work of Barbara Franchin and EVE’s staff since 2004, in particular appreciating the important role of enhancing young talents in the fashion sector, one of the flagships of the Country’s system. From now on, the support to EVE will be even more concrete: some of the spaces of our historic building, about 650 square meters, will be allocated for the headquarters of the ITS Creative Archive, allowing it to be enhanced and made available to the public. Moreover, these spaces may in future become a place where the Italian "know how" will be expressed at its most, becoming a gym for young talents. I would like to thank the Municipality of Trieste, in the person of our Mayor, Roberto Dipiazza, who had already identified public spaces where to host the archive and who then shared this solution, immediately realizable, allowing the Fondazione to start this project. "

Tiziana Benussi
President, Fondazione CRTrieste

"I have no words to describe the extraordinary achievement that ITS Arcademy is already. It is a fascinating and inspiring project, and one that will contribute a piece of fashion history. A useful tool to engage with and inspire others on the future."

Miren Arzalluz
Director of the Palais Galliera, City of Paris Museum of Fashion

"ITS Arcademy is a great initiative! It will really amplify what ITS has done so far."

Marie-Claire Daveu
Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international Institutional Affairs, Kering

"ITS Arcademy is an important project for the future of fashion and for designers’ credibility. It’s a strong idea and there is a perfect organization."

Stefania Ricci
Director of Museo Salvatore Ferragamo and Ferragamo Foundation

"Finally ITS managed to realize the real dream.
ITS Arcademy: future, hope, support, dreams. Life!!"

Sara Sozzani Maino
Deputy Editor in Chief, Vogue Italia, Head of Vogue Talents

"The ITS Arcademy is a stimulating and energizing project! The idea to build a creative community for global education is great! I can imagine the added value, energy, the catalyst and multiplier effect that this project will have in its new amazing home. I cannot wait to see the ITS Arcademy flag blowing in the wind over Trieste!"

Carlo Giordanetti
Creative Director Swatch International

"The ITS Arcademy is a scientific approach to creativity,
it will represent a powerful tool for the industry"

Alessandra Rossi
Chief Digital Officer, Tomorrow Holdings Ltd

"It will be a pinnacle for Italian culture and the location
is unquestionably perfect! I cannot wait for the pleasure to be involved!"

Valentina Maggi
Director of Design Practice, Floriane de St Pierre & Associés

"I believe the ITS Arcademy is a truly fantastic project and I felt real emotion at how Barbara described it: the light in her eyes is worth a thousand words. I feel that talent deserves a space to express itself and the ITS Arcademy is the ideal home. Great job Barbara, great congratulations to her team, Bravo ITS!"

Luca Rizzi
Tutoring and Consulting Director Pitti Immagine

"WOW. The ITS Arcademy is a a great idea. Great building for its home. I love the vision behind this! Finally, a platform that can not only showcase but also APPLY directly and indirectly the products of ITS... Not only the archive, but also the many finalists and partners of ITS who can become a network to inspire a new generation of people, beyond just students coming from creative courses"

Aitor Throup
Artist, designer, creative director / ITS 2006 Finalist

"The ITS Arcademy is our creative community that inspires everything, connects future talents with our global partners and offers the space to interact with the curious. I am happy to join and kick off some projects with you! It will also be interesting to invite schools on an international scale for them to see the Creative Archive. Celebrating the visionaires of tomorrow by showcasing bi-annual events, linking the trendsreport to objects & portfolios, working with forecasting agencies to deliver content for them... the possibilities are endless!"

Michael Kampe
Creative Director Lee Jeans E.M.E.A. & Design Tutor / ITS 2009 Finalist

"The ITS Arcademy in my opinion represents a new hope for the future of many potential talents who look at the fashion world as their reference point. Talents who will find a way to express themselves not just through fashion design, but also learning the many practical aspects of the industry, like the construction of products, the manipulation of materials, the experimentation of shapes... It will create a space and stimulate not just all those who are willing to learn and understand, but also who wants to become a teacher. "

Rina Tollio
Acquisition Manager for Creative Roles at OTB

The ITS Arcademy will be a space where past finalists, jurors and the rest of the international ITS community will have an active role: a home for innovators, insiders from the fashion industry, scholars, and visionary talents will be always welcome to come and exchange experiences while brainstorming on the future of design, actively contributing to its realization. The activities of the ITS Arcademy will explore the world of creativity through a vast array of events, courses and formative activities. From the simply curious - including any age group regardless of their level of experience - to professionals and companies, everyone will find a tailored program according to their needs.

This new step is not just a development. It realizes that concept of circularity on which ITS is based and for which it has always fought. Just like the ITS past finalists today are creative directors of the most renowned brands, or teachers at design schools, those who have begun their professional career working at ITS as interns are today the backbone of Barbara Franchin's team, shaping the next generation of interns in the office.

The word "Arcademy" blends the terms Archive, Ark and Academy. Archive: the Art of Archiving answers to an innate need of man to overcome death; to organize, preserve and pass on to future generations what he creates. Ark: a place where all species are collected, all diversity is embraced, all that is pure and innocent is protected and survives judgment. Academy: very much like Plato’s Akademia not a school with an obvious distinction between teachers and students, but a place where senior and junior members can exchange knowledge, research, and inspire each other; and following Wilhelm von Humboldt "Knowledge is power and education is liberty”, a freer version of a university, a supreme and extreme sanctuary of science and research.

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