ITS Network – the ITS Juries

Since the very first edition in 2002 down to the last one in 2018 the ITS Juries have welcomed the world's leading fashion designers, accessories designers, opinion leaders, insiders and journalists. Regardless their crazy agendas they answered our call and flew to Trieste, Italy, twice: in mid-April to select the finalists and in mid-July to attend the Finals, meet with the finalists, view their projects from up close, ask questions and finally choose the winners.
There have never been barriers between the jury and the young talents during the event, and this is very much appreciated both by the jurors, who get to relate directly with the freshest expressions of creativity, and by the finalists, who receive invaluable advice.

A large spectrum of trend leaders from the art, fashion and design world and more than a thousand journalists are part of the network. Commenting about their own experience at ITS, here’s a few of their impressions:

Marina Abramovic Jury at ITS 2012

" I believe ITS is very important because it is the place where the young talents can meet and articulate their collections. We can really discover their way of thinking, we can see the future of fashion, which is really something unique. And Barbara has done a terrific job, all of the production is very professional and is at the same level of expertise of any other fashion show I have seen around the world. "

Marina Abramovic
Performance Artist - Jury, ITS 2012
Oriole Cullen Jury at ITS 2015

" The standard of execution was impressive and the majority of the collections were well made. It was great to see such a range of creativity and a really varied selection of approaches to design. "

" ITS is very well organized and as a result gives people time and opportunity to interact, to see the work of contributors up close and to meet the designers and learn more about their work. It provides a wonderful platform for the young designers to meet important industry contacts in a great environment. "

" The ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE is fantastic and so unique and also a really important record of Fashion in the 21st Century."

Oriole Cullen
Acting Senior Curator of Contemporary Fashion, Victoria & Albert Museum -
Jury, ITS 2015
Colin McDowell Jury at ITS 2016

" The event is impeccably organised. A very full programme and quite a few people are both carried through with humour, friendliness and efficiency. An enjoyable experience. "

Colin McDowell
International Fashion Commentator - Jury, ITS 2016
Iris Van Herpen Jury at ITS 2016

" A great event and award, I’m impressed with the great atmosphere and the passion is so felt in everyone here. "

Iris Van Herpen
Fashion Designer - Jury, ITS 2016
Uma Wang Jury at ITS 2015

" I was really surprised by the feelings of the young talents about the winners. What was also interesting for me to see is how they are deep and also mature in how they explain their work. "

" I think that ITS is an amazing opportunity for guys from all over the world not only to meet each other but also to share their thoughts. For me it's an honour to be here. "

Uma Wang
International Fashion Designer - Jury, ITS 2015
Marie Claire Daveu Jury at ITS 2016

" The event was really great. It’s one of the change-makers we need. It’s been inspiring to see their forward-thinking first hand and their understanding that sustainability must be incorporated into every single stage of design. And very well organised! "

Marie Claire Daveu
Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International Institutional Affairs, Kering - Jury, ITS 2016
Carlo Capasa Jury at ITS 2016

" Great energy, very impressive job made with great taste and creativity. A beautiful window on the sea of creation! "

Carlo Capasa
President of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana - Jury, ITS 2016
Carla Sozzani Jury at ITS 2013 & ITS 2014

" Barbara and her team put together a fantastically organised event, bringing together great personalities throughout the fashion industry. I felt welcomed and taken care of, and the selection of fashion designers on show was very considered. "

Carla Sozzani
10 Corso Como, Galleria Carla Sozzani - Jury, ITS 2013 & ITS 2014
Isaiah Kincaid Jury at ITS 2015

" Very high standard of execution. Very Futuristic. Conceptual yet marketable with a few adjustments. Great promise. "

" I would love to participate again. Very impressive and well run. Great inspiration and great chemistry among the people. "

Isaiah Kincaid
Vice President of Guess Jeans - Jury, ITS 2015
Susie Bubble Jury at ITS 2012 & ITS 2014

" ITS is very well organised and it does feel like a family in that people who attend once often come back again. It was my first time so I felt like I was being initiated in a little “gang”.
It’s a wonderful contrast having an event like this in a place like Trieste. "

Susie Bubble
Writer, Editor and Fashion Blogger - Jury, ITS 2012 & ITS 2014
Nicholas Kirkwood Jury at ITS 2014

" I was very impressed by the concepts, the quality and the diversity of the finalists. I think it is fantastic that an event like ITS exists to showcase a well edited selection of the next generation of designers from all around the world. "

Nicholas Kirkwood
Footwear Designer - Jury, ITS 2014
Manish Arora Jury at ITS 2014

" Great ideas, it was tough to choose the winners. Most of the finalists well deserved the prize. The event is very well organised. I love the fact it is so global in its approach. Amazing platform for talents. Great Archive!! "

Manish Arora
Fashion Designer - Jury, ITS 2014
Floriane de Saint Pierre Jury at ITS 2014

" Excellent level of talents. Great to have talents from the US, Europe and Asia. Organisation is perfect. Nice atmosphere, very professional. Wonderful presentation of accessories & jewelry. "

Floriane de Saint Pierre
Founder & Head of FSPSA - Jury, ITS 2014
Evanly Schindler Jury at ITS#ONE

" I am blown away by my experience in its entirety: the ITS#ONE staff are some of the warmest and most welcoming individuals working as a collective I have ever met or worked with. Also, the level of professionalism and passion to their cause would win a competition itself. "

Evanly Schindler
Founder & Editorial Director BlackBook - Jury, ITS#ONE