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Mini Clubman Photo Award: Moon experience

A prize might result in different forms, all of them might be appealing for the different needs of different winners: money, tangible objects, professional materials, job or internship periods... one peculiar and definitely interesting form is the one that the MINI Clubman Photo Award will offer again this year. Beside the cash price (10.000 euros) and the publication of winners' images in MINI International magazine, a professional shooting with one highly renown photographer will be offered to the winner, and the result will be published in the amazing GQ Italy Last year the MINI Clubman Tour offered to ITS finalist and "Pitti Immagine Photo Award" winner Maria Giulia Giorgiani the chance to spend a week in the beautiful Tuscany landscape, roaming on a MINI Clubman in the Chianti region in company of a true legend as Gianni Berengo Gardin, doyen of Italian Photographers.This amazing "on the road" mission resulted in a sort of 4-eyes reportage in a long article on the pages of GQ magazine, where the meeting of two different approaches to photography (relating to attitudes, technical preferences, age-difference) summed the different energies and suggestions in a long and rich article.

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This are some words and impressions Maria Giulia sent us we asked her about her travel with Berengo Gardin.

"Having the chance to spend the MINI Clubman award journey with Gianni Berengo Gardin around Tuscany has been definitely a surprising and terrific experience, especially on the artistic and working side..I never related with landscape photography, even if the region I come from has a similar environment, and maybe this is exactly the reason why I never felt the exigency to portrait this sceneries.I am really satisfied for the possibility I was given, Gianni Berengo is an absolutely fascinating person and I have been happy and honoured to (almost) work with him".

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This year the involved artist is one of the purest talents of Fashion Photography, Sarah Moon.
She started as a successful model in the Sixties, and then shoot over 150 advertising campaigns, starting in late 60 with Cacharel. In three decades her images were published on dozens of important magazines worldwide as Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, e Stern. Always defined as an "Impressionist" she moved fro the formal rules of Fashion Photography to a personal fascinating style, which involved also film making as an different form of expression; surely the winner of MINI Clubman Photo Award will have an unique opportunity of artistic growth and enrichment given by the possibility of a sort of team work with such an important and distinctive photographer.

Mashid for World Press Photo

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