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Anniversary T-Shirt and Bag!

A very, very brief introduction for those of you who know nothing about it: what are the ITS t-shirt and bag? Well, it's more or less what the definition says... Every year we develop a special edition t-shirt to go with a special ITS bag filled with goodies for our guests as well as vital information and materials to access the ITS location and understand what this is all about.

The goodies are gadgets presented by our partners/sponsors, the "vital information and materials" are the press kit (including personalised program, info on the juries, partners & sponsors' press releases, info on the press attending, the numbers of ITS, map of Trieste and lots more...), the ITS Catalogue (basically, it contains pictures & concepts of all finalists) and the guest's pass and bracelet: without these two items guests will be unable to access the ITS location.

ITS#TEN finalists

Throughout the years we've developed the graphics for t-shirt and bag internally or had finalists of ITS and other great graphic talents (last but not least an incredible artist from our hometown, who developed the design both for ITS#EIGHT and ITS#NINE) develop them, always with great results...

For ITS#TEN we decided to work it out internally. We've been spending quite some time thinking about how we would want the ITS#TEN t-shirt and bag to be. What we knew is that we wanted it to go back to the roots of ITS, to reach the essence and visualise it. So we began thinking: if we stripped everything off, what would remain as the true core? Answer: the heart.

ITS#TEN finalists

ITS#TEN finalists

And where is the heart? It's protected in the rib cage, where it can safely beat and pump blood into the human body and the brain, and activate everything that we do or say or produce in our lives. A caged heart is definitely our symbol. The cage might represent a limitation but it is also a protection for the the heart against external attacks and remain completely true to itself without being influenced.

ITS#TEN finalists

So here they are: the anniversary t-shirt and bag, ready to be distributed to all of our guests arriving from around the planet! The t-shirt comes in two versions: one is the "special edition" which goes to all guests, while the 2nd one is the Crew edition, which only the ITS staff wears... so the crew one is even more special...

We hope you like them, let us know (we'll post it on our Facebook page hoping to receive lots of "likes"...)

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