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The ITS 2012 Catalogue, Tshirt & bag!

It wouldn't be ITS without the limited-edition T-shirt and Goodie Bag. And it wouldn't be ITS without the Catalogue, collecting in one slick publication all of the projects of the finalists of the edition. Flipping through its pages is like capturing the essence of that year's event. To us it is, in a way, a sort of high-school yearbook, a beautiful memory of the work we've done.

As you will know by now, we always inject the concept of the edition into all of our communication tools. So the ITS 2012 Catalogue, T-Shirt and Goodie Bag are indeed strongly connected to the GOOD and EVIL concept which you have experienced both on our website and on our social networks. We have been encouraging you from the very launch of the 2012 edition to choose your side and decide to be either GOOD or EVIL, and we will keep on doing so!

The cover of the catalogue, for instance, will allow you to play with it and decide if you prefer the GOOD version or the EVIL version. And we have asked all finalists to choose which side they want to be on, so flipping through you will discover finalists who have decided to be EVIL and finalists who have decided to be GOOD. In both cases, a brief text will explain the reason of their choice!

We applied the same concept the ITS 2012 Limited Edition T-Shirt which will be distributed to all of our over 300 guests! It will be a double-face T-shirt and wearing it you will have the possibility to switch from the GOOD to the BAD side. It can turn into a very "moody" tool when you wake up in the morning... If you wake up in a positive mood then you'll perhaps choose to be good, otherwise...

Our partners and sponsors have decided to play with us too, choosing gadgets which reflect the concept. So all of our guests will be asked to choose even among the goodies they will find inside the ITS 2012 Bag.

... It will be real fun to see over 300 people switch from GOOD to EVIL during the days of the event... We can't wait to see what it will look like!!

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