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THE FUTURE - The concept of ITS 2015

Every year our communication (as well as the ITS location during the finals in July) is permeated by a new concept we develop internally. Last year, some of you might remember, we stepped into the world of lucid dreaming. ITS 2015 takes us to THE FUTURE. What will the world be like, half a century from now. And what in 2 centuries? Will we be hanging around on flying cars? Will we be eternally young? Will we share our lives with human-looking robots?

The imaginary of the future is a theme full of images, myths, hopes and illusions that have always fascinated modern society, giving birth to fiction, movies, scientific research and so on. Now more than ever before, with an exponential progress of technology, we can almost grasp the future, to the point it blends with the present. But also the young creatives who take part in ITS 2015 are THE FUTURE: they represent new ideas, new concepts, new perspectives, and truly are THE FUTURE OF creative design.

Fabio Bressan, our amazing Creative Director, is responsible for coming up with the images you can see all over our website.
He has taken poetic license to exploit themes such as life extension, mind uploading, food printing, interplanetary travel, bio-robotic, cryogenics and so on.
We always include work from our past finalists in our concept images, which is also a great way for us to continue supporting and communicating their work. Each image is composed using high-quality, styled pictures created by our finalists (in collaboration of course with photographers, models, etc…) to present their collections.

We are presenting them all to you here, including the appropriate credits for each image. For a few of them we can even tell you something about how the image was developed.

Maiko Takeda
Photography by Bryan Huynh
Maiko Takeda
Photography by Ayako Kichikawa
Carolin Holzhuber
Photography by Thuy Pham
Momoko Okusa
Photography by Yoshiharu Ohta
Marie Cabirou
Photography by Lucile Godin
Marie Cabirou
Polina Yakobson
Photography by Jason Healy
Lior Shulak
Photography by Marina Moshkovich
Anuk Yosebashvili
Photography by Javier Miqueleiz
Katharina Baur
Photography by Christian Metzler
Takahiro Ueno
Photography by Maria Ziegelböck
Annelie Gross
Photography by Jon Emmony
Percy Lau
Photography by Ruiqiu Peng
Milko Boyarov
Photography by Simone Falcetta
Daniel Ramos Obregon
Photography by Jorge Perez Ortiz
Stephanie Van Zwam
Photography by Philip Rhys Matthews
Katherine Roberts-Wood
Photography by Max Barnett (Editor-in-Chief Pylot Magazine)