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The Generation of THE FUTURE

Reaching the verdict took a week of very hard work and 4 dedicated juries. It was terribly difficult to narrow it down to 10 finalists for each of the contest fields with so many valuable projects to choose from, but the ITS 2015 Generation is finally here and 40 new impressive young talents have joined our ITS FAMILY. We’re now way over 500 finalists selected since when we begun in 2002…

No theme could better match what these creative souls are: what else if not THE FUTURE of design? We can’t wait to present them here in Trieste, Italy, for the Finals of ITS 2015 which will take place on 10 and 11 July, giving them the opportunity to showcase their work, get in touch with the most important personalities in the field and, put simply, spread their wings and fly.

The Fashion Jury at work
The Artwork Jury at work

But before we go through the 4 lists, here is a message from Barbara in regards to this year’s selection:

Thanks to the 950 contestants who applied this year, from 79 countries. And to the 296 schools in 65 countries. I have respectfully stepped into your projects one by one without skipping a single page in your portfolios. You surprised me, brought me joy, made me discover new worlds and possibilities, allowed me to see your point of view. I hate the ITS selections in a way, because I am forced to renounce to a number of you… It feels like losing a limb as well as losing the opportunity of supporting you more. But you are all together with the over 14,000 portfolios in our ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE now!

Thanks to all of the jurors who have committed to this task. Sharing the finalists selections with you has been a privilege. Your level of dedication and attention in reaching the verdict, in doing your best to make the right decision, simply amazed me. Seeing you all so involved means you have entirely embraced the ITS support philosophy and young talents can only thank you for your incredible job. I look forward to welcoming you all again here in July for the Finals.

Thanks to the ITS TEAM for their big effort. Any compliment or congratulation I receive about ITS is equally shared with you.

Thanks to our partners, who believe in what we do here at ITS. They made it possible for us to create all of this. They are the backbone, the foundations on which we can plan and organise this event and continue in our mission. Supporting more than 500 talents, creating the archive, tracing the history of fashion evolution… none of this would have been possible without them. We knew what we had to do to turn the ITS dream into reality and they gave us the keys to do so.

Thanks to my hometown Trieste, the home of ITS. It has provided the perfect setting to welcome international creativity throughout all these years and the support of the local institutions has been important in securing the growth and establishment of the event.

The Accessories Jury at work
The Jewelry Jury at work

Here are the ITS 2015 finalists:

Attila Lajos (Hungarian)
Yuko Koike (Japanese)
Jenifer Thévenaz - Burdet (Swiss)
Kim Shui (American)
Polina Yakobson (Irish) & Christine Charlebois (Canadian)
Richard Quinn (British)
Quoï Alexander (American)
Yunseo Choi (South Korean)
Paula Knorr (German)
Elina Määttänen (Finnish)

Attila Lajos
ITS 2015 Fashion finalist
Kim Shui
ITS 2015 Fashion finalist
Quoi Alexander
ITS 2015 Fashion finalist
Jenifer Thévenaz - Burdet
ITS 2015 Fashion finalist
Richard Quinn
ITS 2015 Fashion finalist
Yuko Koike
ITS 2015 Fashion finalist

Nadine Eismann (German)
Bojana Nikodijevic (Serbian)
Hiroki Kataoka (Japanese)
Wataru Sato (Japanese)
Leo Carlton (British)
Bianca Chong (Chinese)
Isabel Helf (Austrian)
Viktorija Agne (Lithuanian)
Yang Wang (Chinese)
Nadide Begüm Yildirim (Turkish)

Bianca Chong
ITS 2015 Accessories finalist
Hiroki Kataoka
ITS 2015 Accessories finalist
Leo Carlton
ITS 2015 Accessories finalist
Nadide Begüm Yildirim
ITS 2015 Accessories finalist
Isabel Helf
ITS 2015 Accessories finalist
Nadine Eismann
ITS 2015 Accessories finalist
Wataru Sato
ITS 2015 Accessories finalist

Hiroki Kataoka (Japanese)
Bianca Chong (Chinese)
Marta Twarowska (Polish)
Alexis Gautier (French)
Tom Van der Borgh (Belgian) & Shalva Nikvashvili (Georgian)
Shay Tako (Israeli)
Yuko Koike (Japanese)
Richard Quinn (British)
Daniella Saraya (Israeli)
Higasi Nobuhiro (Japanese)

Hiroki Kataoka
ITS 2015 Artwork finalist
Gautier Alexis
ITS 2015 Artwork finalist
Bianca Chong
ITS 2015 Artwork finalist
Marta Twarowska
ITS 2015 Artwork finalist
Yuko Koike
ITS 2015 Artwork finalist
Shay Tako
ITS 2015 Artwork finalist

Iskren Lozanov (Bulgarian)
Daniella Saraya (Israeli)
Adi Lev Dori (Israeli)
Liat Ginzburg (Israeli)
Sonja Iglic (Serbian)
Bokyum Suh (South Korean)
Kota Okuda (Japanese)
In Wai Kwok (Chinese)
Yunsun Jang (South Korean)
Kaat de Groef (Belgian)

Adi Lev Dori
ITS 2015 Jewelry finalist
Daniella Saraya
ITS 2015 Jewelry finalist
In Wai Kwok
ITS 2015 Jewelry finalist
Iskren Lozanov
ITS 2015 Jewelry finalist
Kaat de Groef
ITS 2015 Jewelry finalist
Sonja Iglic
ITS 2015 Jewelry finalist

Following are a few comments of the selections jurors attending:

A great selection, great creativity and a great jury. Stepping into the incredible work of these talents was an excellent experience. And the selection of finalists reflects the current fashion atmosphere. Thanks to the team and to Barbara.
Giovanni Pungetti - CEO Maison Margiela

Clear trends were texture, craftmanship and attention to detail. I noticed less technical fabrics and a return to more traditional ones.
Molly Molloy - MARNI Women’s RTW Design Director

A terrific organisation and a wide variety of projects. My impression was that there were few really feminine projects in womenswear. The evolution towards the tactile aspects of material and towards three-dimensionality was very interesting to see.
Rina Tollio - DIESEL Product and Style Coordinator

For years I have been considering the ITS selections as unmissable for a variety of reasons. First and foremost it stands as a 360° observatory on international creativity. The projects I view are always of the utmost quality both in content and presentation. You also have the opportunity to exchange opinions and learn a lot from international experts of great professional value. A perfect organisation by a passionate and smiling team is the icing on the cake.
Valentina Maggi - Director of Design Practice at Floriane de St. Pierre et Associés

This was a really good year for ITS: lots of ideas and a lot of diversity. The selection came across as strong, creative and utterly personal. With the unmistakeable ITS flavour.
Angelo Flaccavento - Independent Fashion Writer

It has been truly interesting. To discover, first of all. Then, to understand. And finally, but only finally, to choose. ITS is much, much more than what I even remotely thought. It is capable of helping everyone, at every level. And I believe this is paramount. I can’t wait to see the work of the finalists in person. In addition, interacting with this jury was really great.
Simone Marchetti - Fashion Editor, La Repubblica

Every year viewing all of these talented designers is a surprise and a real challenge. Seeing all of these portfolios coming from all over the world and appreciating each designer’s point of view is inspiring and a boost of pure creativity. This is why ITS is the one and only unique platform dedicated to designers who want to start to work in fashion.
Sara Maino - Senior Editor Vogue Italia /

The selection at ITS is always noteworthy and strong, but this season it was particularly special. After a few calm years we have seen a strong emphasis on creativity, and it is uplifting!
Deanna Ferretti - Maglificio Miss Deanna, Modateca

It could be my personal view but I was glad to see many experimental projects this time. We really should push this line more to seek for new directions in the future of fashion. On the other hand I noticed quite a lot of hand made work. I personally appreciate them because in this modern time people tend to rely on technology too much and craftmanship should appreciated more. All in all in was a good selection for me as I am totally satisfied with the result.
Kei Kagami - Designer & YKK Consultant

With your level of organisation and selection viewing the projects is easy and terribly interesting. There is a variety of stimulating works from several product sectors. Overall I noticed a tendency in creating objects with new functions which interact with the body and don’t focus only on carrying. Objects which give pleasure to the senses, often intended to be left in one’s own private space. It might highlight some sort of loneliness and inability to socialise. The positive aspect is the search for a quality lifestyle, listening to our body. The creative level is amazing and well channeled. By the way, in regards to bags there is not enough attention on ergonomics. It was surprising to see that almost nobody sees the bag as an object interacting with the body in an innovative way though respecting human comfort and necessities. I wonder if this is because talents aren’t interested in bags or if it is due to a lack in the education system. In conclusion I am extremely satisfied with the final selection because it is varied and of a very high quality.
Elena Ghisellini - Leather Goods Designer

An amazing array of colours and materials to which the finalists have added their personal touch to transform them and give them new life. Queens, warriors and planets show the need to escape daily routine: everyone of us has a brighter future in mind. It starts today.
Carlo Giordanetti - SWATCH Creative Director

Demonstrating their ability to create extraordinary designs, the visionary ideas of the 10 ITS JEWELRY finalists paves the way forward, showcasing a new era of innovation and inspiration with Swarovski crystals. The dichotomy between technology and tradition is highlighted in each of the final designs showcasing a true melding of both talent and creativity. These detailed imaginings of the future highlight a new sphere of design, showing that jewelry no longer plays simply a decorative role, but is increasingly being seen as a connection between time, space and reality as well as a highly coveted form of creative expression.
Ute Schumacher – Vice President Design Center Headquarter Swarovski Professional
Harry Eisenberger - Head of Jewelry Design Swarovski Professional