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The 15th Utopia

ITS is Utopia. It always has, for fifteen years, and hasn’t stopped being so. An authentic Utopia just as Thomas More imagined it, outlining a society where culture rules and dominates the lives of men. Culture not just as knowledge, but also as understanding. As comprehending, which means to include the other. A comprehension which is therefore empathy, which in its own way is love, communion, community. It is culture as opposed to ignorance, to being in the dark. So it is light, the age of enlightenment, progress, evolution. Because what is evil if not the ignorance of good?
ITS is Utopia because like a mirage it can only materialise for a short time, in a defined place. A marvellous equilibrium, unstable like a chemical phenomenon.
So for the fifteenth time this vision will take shape, creating the fifteenth Utopia, a Shangri-La that will come to life once a year, ready to welcome those who are willing to cut all ties with the ordinary world for a limited time. Willing to drop their masks and meet, in a new place.

ITS 2016 marks 15 years of International Talent Support, the platform hosting 4 separate contest fields. ITS FASHION stands at the core of ITS and has developed to become an established and world-renowned contest with a jury composed of the most respected names in the field. ITS ACCESSORIES developed from our need to broaden the overview of the most creative young talents by focusing on the accessories field. ITS JEWELRY was a natural evolution since no doubt contemporary jewelry hides some of the most impressive young talents. ITS ARTWORK seeks for the most artistic-oriented young talents in the above-mentioned three fields, challenging them with the production of a unique work of art based on an artistic brief.

Applicants from over 80 countries, a Creative Archive with over 15,000 portfolios, 210 outfits, 110 accessories, 70 jewelry pieces and more than 700 digital photography projects. More than 500 finalists who are now working for the most important brands in the industry. And in addition to them industry & opinion leaders, insiders, journalists, professionals, a huge network that supports and helps each other. Because together we are stronger, together we are the ITS Family.

You can be part of this Utopia, if yours is a voice that deserves to be heard.