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Waste Sorting is Important

Acegas APSAmga is glad to support also this year International Talent Support. First among Multi-utility in the Italian Northeastern Region, it offers services to over 1 million citizens and companies in the area of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia providing electric ity, gas, water, environment and public lighting, thanks to a qualified staff and a constant research and development activity.

ITS 2016 is an initiative that blends perfectly with the spirit of innovation that characterizes the company, an example of excellence for the whole territory.

We share with AcegasAPSAmga their values of sustainability and recycling, striving to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment. One of the reasons for the development of the Official ITS 2016 app for instance was in fact to reduce the amount of paper documents we produce for the event.

Recycling is a major concern as well and AcegasAPSAmga is doing a lot to inform citizens of our area about the recycling possibilities available. The advertising campaign we are promoting in this article promotes the waste sorting campaign in the territory of Trieste, developed in collaboration with the Town Hall institutions. Thanks to AcegasAPSAmga Trieste is a recycle-friendly town now, with waste sorting bins all over its territory for the citizens to use.

Recycling is important and even more waste sorting. When you’re provided with the tools to do it, it’s really foolish not to.

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