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Boldly posting on Social Networks

Once again we called out to our network and to all of the guests who attended ITS for the first time this summer, asking for their involvement in our communications on social networks. With the help of our long time internet partner Develon, specialised in designing multi-channel strategies through the use of the latest technologies, we've been collecting all ITS-related posts (provided they included the #itscontest hashtag) on a livefeed that is like a digital book of memories with hundreds of different points of view on the event. Going through its "pages" we've smiled at some of the most liked, funny and witty posts we discovered now that the event is over and we finally got time to go through these "micro-reports" of ITS 2018.

Juror Bryan Yambao for instance, aka Bryanboy, one of fashion's most renowned and followed bloggers & instagrammers, definitely hit the mark with this shot taken in the accessories exhibition, wearing one of Tingting Zhang's headwear creations which excited everyone and convinced OTB to grant her an extra award. Bryan was completely blown away by Tinging's work (who also recently won an Adidas competition that saw her develop the gloves used by most of this year's World Cup goal keepers...) to the point that we could even claim - we will never know - that he intentionally wore this shirt for the final evening, thinking about the perfect picture. The shot is in fact perfectly made: the colors & stripes of the hat are recalled by Bryan's shirt and the background is just so balanced. No wonder Bryan has so many followers, and what an incredible coverage for Tingting!

There's two of our greatest loves in this picture. Renzo Rosso is unquestionably the father of ITS (the mother being ourselves...), and without him we would have never gone this far. Behind him, well no, actually surrounding him is the city of Trieste, the perfect setting we would never change. The way Renzo is chilling on the pier of the Magazzino 42, the truly enchanted location we had the opportunity to use for ITS 2018, really shows how at ease he feels in our hometown and how our hometown has embraced him. This shot is a little jewel in itself, taken just minutes after the general rehearsal of the fashion show. Here Renzo had already decided who the winners of the OTB and DIESEL Award would be, but nobody knew yet.

Sara Sozzani Maino, Deputy Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia & Head of Vogue Talents, one of the longtime pillars of the ITS Jury, shows her love for Seiran Tsuno's incredible fashion collection, entirely developed using a 3D pen. We're on the same page with her #poetic hashtag here: though it was a really amazing year in terms of quality - even more so looking at the fashion collections - Seiran's work most certainly struck a special chord in terms of delicacy, poetry and originality. Japanese creativity always stands apart from the rest of the world. One often has the sensation that the personal dreams of the designers - already fantastic and other-worldly in themselves - simply materialize as they are in real life, with no filters at all. It is definitely the case with Seiran and her presentation in front of the jury was one of the highlights of ITS 2018. She might not have won an award in the end but she did win our hearts.

One of the things we had most fun doing for the event was collecting short video pills from the finalists, telling us who they are, what they want to do in the near future and what "being bold" means to them. It all started out from an idea of our media partner we edited the outcome in a series of 11 videos which turned out into a day-by-day countdown to the event. These were published on the Repubblica SN channels introducing everyone to the finalists of ITS 2018. Some of these contributions were truly hilarious and beautifully done and you can find these video pills in our video gallery, on the drepubblica instagram profile and on the Swatch instagram profile as well.

We really invite you to browse our livefeed website if you want the "insiders" experience of what ITS 2018 was like! One of the positive aspects of the social network experience is certainly this one: if you couldn't be there, you can at least experience it digitally... :))