ITS 2015 - Generali Future Award

In 2015 the Generali Special Award was assigned to a designer whose career development has been, and continues to be, a remarkable pursue of unique ideas achieving a sustainable synthesis between creativity and entrepreneurship.
Among the over 550 finalists represented in the ITS Creative Archive, 54 - now working on their own brands - ran for the Generali Special Award, assigned by a committee including Simone Bemporad (Generali Group Director of Communications and Public Affairs), Barbara Franchin (ITS Director), Angelo Flaccavento (Indipendent Fashion Journalist) and Sara Maino (Senior editor of Vogue Italia and Vogue Talents).

Aitor Throup was the winner of the Generali Special Award due to the following reasons:

- He is an artist almost in the Renaissance meaning of the term, with a 360° scope vision, proposing revolutionary ideas, sourced by fine intelligence and amazing technical skills.

- He shows a complexly structured and coherent aesthetic corpus of his idea. His innovative vision blossoms from strong traditional roots.

- His Weltanschaung is unique and precious: it would be limiting to call fashion design what he expresses and does, as it is a mixture of art, architecture, engineering, experimentation and design.